A South African Safari

This is the ultimate African experience for visitors to the country. South African safaris allow visitors to view wildlife consisting of nearly 300 different mammal species. Wildlife in South Africa is amongst the most prolific and spectacular in the world.

A South African safari will allow you to encounter the “Big Five” – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo – in an environment that has remained wild and untouched.

South African safaris vary. Take your pick between small, private reserves with luxury accommodation, tented camps with open air showers or world-renowned National Parks that offer a wide range of accommodation to suit every visitor’s budget.

Lions Drinking

Some reserves give you wildlife with the sophistication of golf courses, casinos, hotels and glamorous entertainment attached. Others offer a total wilderness experience far from the madding crowd, while still others are well known for their conservation work and personal attention to every need of their visitors.

Bush Camp

You may also choose alternatives to the traditional vehicles, with some reserves offering guided walking trails through the bush, horseback safaris and even elephant-back safaris.

From the banks of the great Limpopo River to the malaria-free plains of the Eastern Cape, the choice is indeed infinite. Contact us today to begin planning the once in a lifetime experience of a South African safari.

South African Safaris

Here’s a taste of what you can expect on your Africa safari. We have put together a unique African odyssey, proven to be one of our most enjoyed safaris to date. This is a true escape from the noise and pollution of city life, into a world of peace and total harmony with nature.

You will spend several days and nights in the magical reserves of Kwa-Zulu Natal, world-renowned for their rhino conservation programmes. Kwa-Zulu Natal’s bushlands and savannas contain an abundance of game, particularly rhino, and you’ll be able to appreciate its outstanding natural beauty on this Africa safari.

Rhino Crossing

Zulu Dancer

As an added bonus, on our way to the first Africa safari camp we’ll stop over at a traditional Zulu village where you will have the opportunity to experience the magic and mystery of traditional Zulu culture.

Once in the reserves, you will stay in comfortable, traditionally built lodges and bush camps. Supper will be cooked over open fires under the velvety, star-studded African sky, and you’ll eat on your Africa safari to the accompaniment of the sounds of the bush – the distant roar of a lion or a giggling hyena.


Tracking Party

Early each morning, in the hush of the pre-dawn darkness, we set off in a 4-wheel drive vehicle on an adventure into the African bush. This is the best time to catch a glimpse of the nocturnal creatures before they hide from the heat of the day. You will also be given the opportunity to accompany an experienced tracker into the wilderness on foot for a really close encounter with nature.

On one of the evenings we will join a ranger for a night drive in an open jeep and discover the difference and thrill of the wild after dark. If you are very lucky you’ll get to see an elusive leopard with his kill.

Sadly, our odyssey must eventually end, but you can still continue with your South African adventure once your Africa safari is over. Maybe there’s still time to squeeze in golf, shopping or a host of other activities.

Contact us today to begin planning the once in a lifetime experience of a South African safari.